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No fee Bitcoin trading

Coinezi is a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange offering free Bitcoin trading for 5 of the most popular cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and NYC.

No trading fees, no monthly fees, no membership fees, no deposit fees. Unlimited daily trading volume.

All other trading pairs low 0.15% fee.

Get started today!

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Click ‘Sign-Up’ and provide required docs

KYC/AML compliance

Deposit fiat or crypto


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Trade Easy


We offer an intuitive interface with real time orderbooks, charting tools, trade history,
and a simple order process so you can trade easy.

Our Coinezi platform is committed to providing a user-friendly, transparent and secure exchange between interested parties. Your funds and personal data are protected by the most advanced cyber security tools and encryption methods available.

Artificial Intelligence Order Book Matching Algorithm


With security at the forefront, the Coinezi platform is bulletproof in terms of interference and intrusion. Your personal data is fully encrypted, and your funds are stored in your personal multi-signature deterministic wallet. The Coinezi trading platform provides robust security measures and intrusion-prevention against DDoS attacks, hackers, phishing, and malware. 2-factor authentication (2FA) and email authorization with IP logging required for all withdrawals.


It’s easy to fund your new Coinezi account. After ‘Sign up’ is completed, simply click ‘Deposit’ tab, then click ‘Deposit Address’ of coin, copy address and send crypto to your Coinezi wallet. It’s fast and it’s easy to start trading today.

To withdraw funds, simply click ‘Withdraw’ tab, then click ‘Send/Withdraw’ of coin and enter new deposit address. Done!

Fiat deposits/withdrawals are coming soon.


With a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Order Book Matching Algorithm, the user enjoys a reliable, smooth and secure trading experience.

Coinezi runs an Artificial Intelligence Order Book Matching Algorithm that enables lightning fast real-time trade executions, matches order & relevance and provides balance monitoring ensuring an unparalleled and smooth user experience. Trade smart. Trade easy.


Regulated EU cryptocurrency exchange holding two operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. License Number FVR000194  is for providing services to exchange virtual currencies against fiat currencies, and License Number FRK000162 is for providing a virtual currency wallet service.


Coinezi’s platform can be easily integrated with Market Makers, Liquidity Providers, Hedgefunds, and Banks. With API, the Coinezi platform is completely secure, professional and suitable for institutional purposes.


No fee Bitcoin trading for Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and NYC. Unlimited daily trading volume. All other trading pairs low 0.15% trading fee.

Buy & Sell

An intuitive user-friendly interface, no fee trading, state-of-the-art AI and unparalleled security ensures a hassle-free buying and selling experience every time.

Coin Listing

Coinezi wants to increase exposure of the most innovative projects and teams in our ecosphere. If you have a cryptocurrency that solves a problem, has a real-world use application and advances blockchain development, Coinezi wants to be introduced to your project. All new coin/token submissions, complete our ‘New Coin Listing Application’. If approved, a listing fee will be required. Listing fee includes 4 trading pairs (BTC, Bitcoin, ETH, NYC). Implementation can take up to 30 days.


Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance is a mandatory due diligence that all companies who are active in financial services must perform. It is required for identity verification, and the prevention of fraud, money laundering, and terrorist or other illegal activities.